Sconce Hack without Wiring

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Have you always loved the look of sconces but don’t want to deal with the headache of wiring them? I’m right there with you. I’d choose manual labor and painting all day long before attempting electrical work. But, guess what?! I have a sconce hack for you that doesn’t involve ANY wiring but does provide you with lighting. Are you ready?

Here’s a quick hack for most swing arm and up-and-down lighting sconces.

What You’ll Need:

  • Sconce of your choice (preferably one with a dome that can conceal your puck light)
  • Puck lights (ones that come with a remote)
  • 3/4”x3/4” PVC fitting with outside threading
  • JB Weld plastic bonder
  • AA batteries
  • Power drill
  • Wall anchors (optional)

Step One:

Cut the cords. This is just step one of life in general isn’t it? LOL seriously though, this is the first step with your sconces. Since we’re not wiring them, just cut the cords as close to your sconce as possible until they’re no longer visible. Tuck away any excess wiring into the back of your sconce.

Step Two:

Hang your sconces on the wall using the instructions that come with your sconces. You may need dry wall anchors depending on the weight of your sconce, and whether or not you’re attaching them to a stud. Don’t worry about the light bulb (Or lack thereof) situation yet.

Step Three:

On a disposable plate or scrap piece of cardboard, mix together a dime-sized amount of your JB Weld plastic bonding solution and apply a thin layer to one end of your PVC fitting. Then attach the PVC fitting to the BACK of your puck light (where you twist off the batteries). Let this sit overnight to dry.

Once dried, insert AA batteries into your puck light, and screw your lights into your sconces. Use remote that comes with puck lights to turn on and off. Voila!

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